One-Year Subscription for Monthly Newsletter Content


One-Year Subscription for Monthly Newsletter Content

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Monthly Content for Professional Advisor Newsletter

Annual Subscription


Here’s what you get:

- ready-to-deploy written content for your professional advisor newsletter

- delivered to you 12 times per year via email on the first day of each month

- written content includes:

  • suggested subject line

  • opening text to set the tone and theme for the month

  • four tax-related update blurbs with suggested links to read more

  • actual content (to be linked from “read more”) to place on your website

  • placeholder section for your own news update and a suggested topic

  • recommended closing and call to action

Here’s how easy it is to use:

- cut and paste all of the content into your email newsletter distribution platform, adding your news update, logo, and other brand elements


- choose portions of the content to supplement your existing newsletter


- use the content to help populate blog posts, social media posts, and other communications assets