Help Hotline Access for 1 Month

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Help Hotline Access for 1 Month

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Make the most of your content subscription by upgrading your service to include the Help Hotline!


  • $750 per month* (when you purchase one month at a time)

  • unlimited professional advisor strategy coaching** for community foundations that have subscribed to the Professional Advisor Monthly Newsletter Content Package

*please inquire about scholarships for growing community foundations

**coaching is delivered by Laura McKnight, a former tax and estate planning attorney and currently a partner at Embolden who in the past has served in leadership positions at a large community foundation

Simply send us an email, and we will jump on the phone with you for a coaching session within 48 hours of your inquiry.

Examples of topics we can cover in a coaching session:

- help you take a high-level look at your professional advisor mailing list and help you set goals for engagement

- offer tips for creating a rich dialogue with advisors that leads to referrals

- help you review your current professional advisor website section and/or email newsletter and suggest how to maximize the purchased content

- help you find images that are already on your website to use in your newsletters and in social media to draw in the reader and tie back to your mission and brand

- help you develop strategies to find out what advisors really want and how they prefer to be engaged

- assist with deciding what content to showcase in the news update section of the professional advisor newsletter to educate advisors about your community impact

- brainstorm how to grow your list of advisors

- generate ideas for how to use your CRM platform to track advisor engagement and segment your list

- help you interpret and evaluate professional advisor newsletter open rates