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Growth Marketing in Today's Social Impact Culture



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Embolden is the leading provider of growth marketing solutions for today’s social impact culture. The Embolden Method helps companies and institutions achieve goals in a marketplace where the convergence of work, life, and community have dramatically changed the behavior of target audiences.



Ann-Marie Harrington and Laura McKnight are partners in Embolden.

Ann-Marie is an executive and national speaker on corporate growth, technology, and marketing in a business environment driven by today's social impact culture. She specializes in the power of emerging online communications technology to drive an organization's growth. 

Laura is an executive, attorney, and author. Laura is an expert on the effects of today's social impact culture mindset on human behavior, productivity, purchasing decisions, workplace performance, and rapid enterprise growth.

Laura and Ann-Marie both serve on the executive team at Indianapolis-based RenPSG, which offers technology-enabled business services and supports nearly $17 billion in assets. 

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We'd love to help you grow in today's social impact culture.