One-Year Subscription to Monthly Professional Advisor Newsletter Content

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One-Year Subscription to Monthly Professional Advisor Newsletter Content


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Producing materials for professional advisors is fast and easy with our plug-and-play content.

  • We deliver ready-to-deploy, written content for your professional advisor newsletter, enabling you to produce communications in a fraction of the time it takes you now.

  • Content is delivered to you 12 times per year via email on the first day of each month, covering timely topics that are interesting to advisors. Subscribe anytime during the month to get this month’s content.

  • Newsletters are researched and written by a former community foundation CEO and attorney.

  • Your monthly content includes sample formatting and hyperlinks for inspiration.

  • The content is made available directly from the email we send you, making it simple to cut, paste, and edit our content and images and make the material your own.

  • Cut and paste all of the content into your email newsletter distribution platform, adding your news updates, logo, and other brand elements. (Our e-newsletter template is just for inspiration.)

  • if you don’t like all the content, just choose a few sections to supplement your existing newsletter. You’ll still save time!

  • You can also use the content to help populate blog posts, social media posts, and other communications assets.