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Our team developed a special edition of the Social Impact Culture Roadmap, offered exclusively to nonprofit organizations.


To meet your organization's goals and fulfill your mission, all employees working in your organization must be informed, in touch, and inspired to celebrate a culture of philanthropy. 

In 30 days, your employees will be

  • Informed and up-to-date on the social impact trends that are influencing today's donor motivations and the distribution of $373 billion in annual giving to charities
  • In touch with their own Social Impact Personality Types so they can be fully bought in to your mission
  • Inspired to be advocates for your organization, both internally and externally

In addition, your team will be equipped with new tools to drive your fundraising success. 


Special Edition Roadmap

The Special Edition Roadmap gives you the four modules included in our corporate offering, plus a bonus module for nonprofits only. The Roadmap is delivered over a 30-day period.

Social Impact Survey

Through the online Social Impact Survey, our team will identify your current “Social Impact Culture Type,” based on the perspectives of your employees. Through the educational components of the survey, your employees will quickly learn about the social impact culture phenomenon gaining momentum in today's philanthropy marketplace.  


Social Impact Inventory

We'll assemble a “Social Impact Inventory,” in the form of a 15-page report summarizing key data points from the Social Impact Survey. The Inventory captures your organization's culture of philanthropy. 

Social Impact Story

Based on the Social Impact Inventory data and Social Impact Culture Type diagnostic, we will create a “Social Impact Story,” consisting of key messages describing what your organization's mission means to your employees. You can use these key messages to demonstrate how your employees are celebrating and fulfilling your organization's mission. Examples of message deployment opportunities include:

  • Website pages pertaining to culture of philanthropy, mission-oriented values, and employment opportunities

  • Employee events to celebrate and support your mission

  • Printed materials to inspire donors through your employees' commitment to the mission

  • Press releases, especially those designed to reach potential donors

  • Email newsletters (internal and external)

  • Social media

  • Signage for the office break room and other common areas

  • Social impact-focused talking points for use by the development team to boost fundraising success and emotional connection with donors

Tips from the Experts

Our experts will recommend potential new fundraising strategies, based on your Social Impact Inventory, Social Impact Culture Type, and national best practices for deploying the power of social impact to drive fundraising success. 



Bonus Module

Included only in the Special Edition Roadmap is a 30-minute virtual roundtable session facilitated by our experts with your board of directors. We'll join your board meeting via conference call or video conference to help you get your board members fully up to date on Social Impact Culture and its influence on fundraising success in today's marketplace.  

Jumpstart Workshop

Are you an Investor, a Connector, or an Activator?

Why does it matter?

We all want to do good. And it’s human to want to feel good, too. Understanding your “doing good personality” gives you the tools you need to combine these two desires, maximizing the good you’re doing while enriching your own life as well.

How will the Jumpstart Workshop help you?

The Social Impact Personality Type Jumpstart Workshop will inspire

  • Employees (in any sized company) or

  • Nonprofit resource development professionals, board members, and/or donors

to understand how they prefer to engage in the causes they care about and how they can feel even better doing it.


  • If you’re a for-profit company, you can expect the workshop to inspire your team to connect the dots between social impact and success.

  • If you are a nonprofit, you can expect your fundraising team, board members, and/or donors to find even deeper meaning in supporting your organization.   

The Jumpstart Workshop is just the beginning! 

Participants in the workshop will get a taste of their own preferences for doing good and achieving success, all at the same time. You might not want to stop there! Your next step would be to launch the Social Impact Culture Roadmap process. Just like individuals, each workplace has a unique approach to doing good. Each workplace culture leans toward Investor, Connector, or Activator. Your Social Impact Culture Type is the aggregate of all employee personalities, determined through a Social Impact Survey and analyzed by our experts based on years of research and data. Understanding your Social Impact Culture Type is the key to connecting social impact activities to results, such as improved recruiting success, talent retention, and workplace productivity.