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Communications Tools for Today

Many eyes are on you.

Does your communications strategy meet today's demands?

Social impact is defining the contemporary philanthropic mindset. It's also a subject that is under tremendous scrutiny, especially as dollars flowing to charities each year stay steady at 2% of GDP while the number of charities has doubled over the last 10 years. Plus, the IRS is watching philanthropy closely to be sure tax-deductible dollars are put to good use.

The many eyes on social impact and your work are exactly why you need to not only control the message, but also get the message right. 


We're ready.

Now is the time to update the way your foundation is communicating the results of your investments as you celebrate your legacy of philanthropy. The key is to communicate your foundation's positive social impact in a way others can understand and believe, across all of your target audiences--family members, grantees, the community, media, government, and regulatory bodies. Today's social impact culture has changed the way your target audiences are hearing your message. 

Embolden can help. 


In just one week, we'll hand you the keys to a new website for your private foundation.

Embolden has cracked the code. Is your public-facing website meeting the demands of today's social impact culture? Our social impact platform approach gives you a quick fix at an amazing price. 

Chances are, your website was not designed to resonate with today's social impact culture mindset, which has dramatically changed the way your target audiences hear your message and interpret the results of your grant making.  

Contact us today to find out how a social impact platform website can bring your online presence up-to-date, immediately.  

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EMBOLDEN helps you communicate with your target audiences, FASTER AND MORE EFFICIENTLY

Embolden's Packages for private foundations deploy the Embolden Method to empower your team to get the messages right and deepen engagement with your target audiences, including media, government, community, grantees, and family members. 

Available in 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month packages to meet your needs and budget, we use the Embolden Method to help your team execute a work plan to achieve your goals for communicating and deepening your legacy of philanthropy.

Embolden leverages its research, data, and technology to be your virtual partner as you implement marketing strategies to meet the communications demands of your audiences in today's social impact culture.


*Contact us to access a walk-through and tour of Embolden's Packages

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The Embolden Method

We follow three core principles when we deploy the Embolden Method to help private foundations and other grant making institutions.

1. Be specific. 

Your website and other communications assets must contain at least basic information about how your dollars have impacted real people's lives, short term and long term. You don't necessarily need to share your extensive data with the public, but you do need to be able to articulate the community gap and how your dollars help to fill it. A few key stats and one or two stories will do the trick for your high-level messaging to all eyes who are watching.

2. Be authentic.

Negative scrutiny is more likely if people don't believe you truly care about the cause, it won't matter if you have great stats and stories. People want to hear the reason behind your foundation's connection and passion. Today's social impact culture has dramatically changed the types of messages that resonate with target audiences. 

3. Be everywhere.

In today’s social impact culture, good communication is not on a single channel. Even for private foundations, good communication must extend beyond a website into social channels such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, one on one meetings, Facebook, emails, and all of the other ways your target audiences are connect with each other in their work, life, community.