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Connect social impact and wellness to recruiting, retention, and productivity 

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reduction in staff turnover in companies with a strong culture of engagement

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of new job seekers choose employers based on strong corporate social responsibility values

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improved financial performance in companies with a strong culture of engagement

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Need a little help launching a culture program, rebooting your employee engagement, or getting a community-focused initiative off the ground? We’ll jump in to help you out in a pinch.

We help you create engagement programs that build morale, increase productivity, and attract and retain employees. You’ll create an environment aligned with today’s social impact culture.

Need help growing your business, nonprofit, or foundation? We’ll work alongside your team to enter a new market, hit a big sales goal, or deliver the community impact you want.

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culture surveys: employee vitals division

CULTURE & ENGAGEMENT Videos: Emotivity division

Community & engagement websites: Emboldini Division

Happy clients see results

Our employees appreciated the Social Impact Survey and the opportunity to provide feedback. Additionally, our management team has been able to capture and leverage data-driven insights about our employees’ social impact behaviors. Overall, the social impact data has allowed us to become very focused in our charitable giving initiatives.
— Brian Moriarty, VP Corporate Communications, EPR Properties

And, it’s based on research!


Embolden's Social Impact Culture methodology is featured in Forbes

How do people experience brands in today's work-life-community-wellness culture, where doing good is a priority? Find out why this is a trend you can't ignore in Jeff Fromm's interview with Ann-Marie Harrington in Forbes.



In our book, Do Good, Feel Better ,Laura McKnight, an attorney and leading expert on the connection between philanthropy and positive psychology, captures five years of research on Social Impact Personality Type. Find out if you are an Investor, Activator, or Connector!


Social Impact Culture Roadmap featured in the Kansas City Star!

Laura McKnight and Ann-Marie Harrington talk about social impact culture as a business imperative in the Kansas City Star. Learn why your company needs a roadmap to guide the integration of your community engagement program with wellness and other key employee priorities.