What's Your company's Type?


Social Impact Culture Types in the Workplace


An Activator culture is

Passionate about participating in one or two specific causes

Interested in changing the world by impacting quality of life on a broad scale through "doing good" activities

Frequently schedules opportunities to complete tasks that further specific community goals


A Connector culture is

Engaged in "doing good" activities that create opportunities to get together both during work hours or outside of work hours

Interested in getting involved with family and friends

Loves the idea that doing good in the community means spending time with people and supporting a cause at the same time



An Investor culture is

Focused on celebrating individual contributions toward social impact

Enjoys acting independently when "doing good," as much or more than participating in social impact activities with a group

Looks at the bottom line when investing in the community, both from the perspective of financial objectives as well as those of the nonprofit organization supported,