Embolden's flagship tool, the Social Impact Culture Roadmap, gives you more power to

  • improve employee productivity

  • increase recruiting success

  • boost retention

Every company has a Social Impact Culture Type that influences the success of its employee engagement strategies. Your success depends on how well your strategy syncs up with the Social Impact Personality Types of your employee population, captured in the aggregate through the Social Impact Culture Type diagnostic. 

Help is here

Boosting the success of your employee engagement program is a whole lot easier when you're working with us. Our experts deliver a Social Impact Culture Roadmap to help you identify and leverage your company's Social Impact Culture Type:

  • Investor

  • Connector

  • Activator

A Social Impact Culture Roadmap is a simple, efficient catalyst for achieving an immediate boost in employee engagement. The Social Impact Culture Roadmap is an unparalleled package that combines deep expertise in the areas of social impact and philanthropy, built on top of a powerful technology backbone.

It's research based

We invite you to visit socialimpactbenchmark.com, where you can view a list of members and explore the research behind our work.

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