The Embolden Method for Roadmaps

Big Insights > Small Tweaks > Huge ROI

Embolden uses a roadmap system to help you achieve your business growth goals in today's social impact culture, where work, life, and community are heavily influencing the behavior of your target audiences.

Embolden's Roadmap Methodology follows four steps:

  • Streamlined, research-based survey and interview tools to quickly ascertain your audience's mindset and motivations

  • Data and analytics from the surveys and interviews, captured in an inventory and anchored with compelling graphics

  • A synthesis of key messages to empower you to quickly and effectively engage your target audiences

  • Three or four insights recommending small tweaks to your marketing strategy that deliver huge ROI 

Community Engagement Demands

Social Impact Culture Roadmap

Our mission is reflected in our work. Through our Social Impact Culture Roadmap, we help you connect the dots between your community engagement program and business goals. 

Turnkey Multimedia Workplace Culture Tools

If your company isn't quite ready for our full Social Impact Culture Roadmap package, we've got you covered! Embolden offers an easy way to implement your own Social Impact Culture strategies through our turnkey tools.