YOUR roadmap

Your Roadmap includes four modules delivered over a 30-day period.


Social Impact Survey

Through the online Social Impact Survey, our team will identify your current “Social Impact Culture Type,” based on the perspectives of your employees.


Social Impact Inventory

We'll assemble a “Social Impact Inventory,” in the form of a 15-page report summarizing key data points plus an appendix capturing all of the data from the Social Impact Survey. 


Social Impact Story

Based on the Social Impact Inventory data and Social Impact Culture Type diagnostic, we will create a “Social Impact Story,” consisting of key messages that you can use to weave social impact into your existing employee communications platform. Examples of message deployment opportunities include:

  • Website pages pertaining to employee culture, corporate values, and employment opportunities

  • Employee events

  • Printed recruiting material

  • Press releases, especially those designed to reach potential recruits

  • Email newsletters (internal and external)

  • Social media

  • Signage for the office break room and other common areas

  • Social impact-focused talking points for use by the management team to improve retention, recruiting, and productivity


Tips From Experts

Our experts will recommend potential cost savings and growth opportunities, based on your Social Impact Inventory, Social Impact Culture Type, and national best practices for deploying the power of social impact to drive business results.