What "recycling" means to your social impact personality type

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Recycling and respecting a sustainable environment are growing in popularity as a key component of healthy, well-rounded life.

When we first began our 10 Ways to Do Good surveys in late 2012, an average of 82 percent of respondents answered “Yes,” recycling is in the mix of their social impact activities. By early 2018, nearly 90 percent of most survey groups showed recycling as a preferred way to do good.

Here is how recycling plays into all three Social Impact Personality Types. Which one are you?


What an Activator says about recycling:

  • “It’s our responsibility as humans and civilizations to leave the earth in better shape than we found it.”
  • “I make certain to track the latest scientific studies about global warming and the melting of the polar ice caps. I need to stay informed.”
  • “I simply cannot work for a company that does not clearly commit to best practices in sustainability.”

Four Recycling Activities Activators Enjoy

  1. Writing letters to elected officials advocating for conservation legislation.
  2. Advocating for a zero-waste-to-landfill program at work.
  3. Investigating best practices for a rooftop garden in the neighborhood and assisting with plans for its development.
  4. Making phone calls to local food retailers who don’t display recycling bins near the checkout counter or another spot where customers can easily deposit recyclable materials.


What a Connector says about recycling:

  • “Our family loves spending time outside and appreciating the beauty of our natural environment.”
  • “I like to attend informational meetings in my community about the latest efforts to generate renewable energy.”
  • “My ideal workplace is a LEED certified building. The positive energy is a real boost for me and my colleagues.”

Four Recycling Activities Connectors Enjoy

  1. Structuring weekend outings around visiting a farmers’ market.
  2. Prioritizing national parks when selecting vacation destinations.
  3. Adopting a family pet from rescue agencies or animal shelters.
  4. Teaching children at a very young age about the rules for recycling.


What an Investor says about recycling:

  • “I don’t hesitate to call my local waste management company whenever I have questions about how to get rid of large items, paint, and dead branches. I want to dispose of it in the right way.”
  • “We have a glass recycling center about a mile away, and I plan my route to work so I can drop off empty bottles.”
  • “Our neighborhood dry cleaners is environmentally savvy. The owner has won awards for its eco-friendly cleaning process. That’s the dry cleaner I use!”

Four Recycling Activities Investors Enjoy

  1. Growing organic gardens and using the produce at every meal possible.
  2. Placing a recycling bin in every room of the house where waste is discarded.
  3. Replacing plastic silverware with stainless steel (and volunteering to wash the dishes) in the break room at work.
  4. Installing energy-saving light bulbs in every fixture in the house.

Making the environment a priority is a powerful way for individuals, families, and communities to participate in today's social impact culture. Rethinking how to do regular, everyday rituals is a great way to feel good and inspire your friends, family and colleagues to do more good and feel better, all at the same time.