92% is a magic number for risk-proofing your employer brand


Employee engagement and workplace culture are all the rage as the talent market tightens up. Recruiting, retention, and productivity are more elusive than ever for fast-growing companies.

There’s certainly no shortage of ideas and products to choose from when it comes to engaging today’s workforce talent. Not only is there no shortage, but some financial experts also say the market for workplace culture tools and technology is overcrowded and even deluged with possible solutions for the forward-thinking human resources buyer.

That’s why it’s important to stop and think carefully about what you are trying to accomplish with your culture and engagement—before you spend a single dollar.

Over the course of several years, our team has heard three things, over and over:

1. “Please, not another typical survey.”

In most companies today, no one—really no one—has the time or tolerance for complex, slow, expensive, or—let’s say it—boring surveys designed to gather routine information about associates’ perceptions of the workplace. Both leadership and talent alike are fatigued and skeptical.

2. “It’s bigger than the job.”

Today’s talent doesn’t just want a paycheck. The entire workplace experience is important. Culture, giving back, family, health, values, fun, personal growth, and inspiration all play a role in career and corporate success. Social impact is the missing view of the talent mindset, and every company needs it.

3. “Show us results!”

Nothing is worse than being asked for your feedback and then having it seemingly disappear into a black hole. People want to see results when they give their perspectives and information. Celebrating, learning, and sharing are critical elements of all workplace data capture initiatives.

We heard you!

By combining work, life, community, and wellness factors into an uplifting diagnostic, the Embolden team created a tool designed to help companies get in touch with their talent’s mindset, in a way that is positively reinforcing, fast, different, and immediately reportable and actionable in terms of the data it delivers.

This diagnostic, called Employee Vitals, actually makes people in the company feel good.

That brings us to the magic number: 92% of the thousands of people who’ve taken Embolden’s 7-minute diagnostic since we launched it in 2012 said it made them feel better.

We think that’s something for everyone to celebrate!