Three ways "doing good" in the workplace can boost your career


Today's social impact culture has transformed the way you want to spend your time and energy. In today's workforce, employees want to be part of a company that cares about them as human beings. We are all operating in a world where work, life, and community have converged.

How can you use the work-life-community formula to support your own professional success?

Here are three tips:

1. When you are deciding where to work, check out companies whose culture includes giving back to the community in the ways you enjoy the most, whether that's by offering a matching gifts program, giving time off to volunteer, or demonstrating a deep commitment to recycling and the environment. Engaging in the community through your workplace is one of the best ways to showcase your leadership talent and get the attention of your supervisors for promotions.

2. Use your own passions for favorite causes to boost the corporate culture at your employer. When you invite your colleagues to join you at a charity event, tag your colleagues in social posts and photos from volunteer outings, or spread the word about the company through your service on community boards, you are demonstrating to the community as well as to your employer that you are an enthusiastic team player. You will also reinforce the company's reputation for civic responsibility, and that's good for everyone.

3. Pay attention to the skills you develop in your personal life and through community activities. Many skills can translate to workplace success. For example, perhaps you have mastered the art of juggling five schedules with your children, or you've become a pro at writing fundraising emails as part of your service on a nonprofit board. These are valuable talents that can be leveraged as you build your career in any company.

The bottom line is to engage in social impact activities that make you feel great. That's the best way to do good for others and do better for yourself, all at the same time.