"Hey," said my daughter this afternoon, "you're eating a whole piece of cake. A big piece of cake!" An astute observation by a little girl celebrating a birthday today. And an accurate observation. "Today is special," I said. "It's your birthday. So, yes, I am eating a whole piece of cake."

Typically I don't eat a whole piece of cake. But today was special. It was a birthday. And a big piece of cake was in order. I am just sure it added up to at least 900 calories. Maybe even more. But that's okay. I am so glad I ate that big piece of cake. And I am so glad my middle daughter had a birthday. Especially since she was the daughter who almost didn't have birthdays anymore, once upon a time. Actually, twice upon a time.

It's much more fun to count birthdays than it is to count calories, I thought to myself as I tossed the empty plastic plate and plastic fork into the recycle bin. And that is true. After all, it's always a good idea to remind yourself to count the things that matter.