10 Articles & Photos for Engaging Professional Advisors


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You'll see in the instructions below that the articles are intended to be published in order, in a series of 10 installments. Think of the Second Edition as a plug-and-play special initiative to instantly boost your professional advisor outreach. You can publish the articles in blog posts, e-newsletters, printed materials, social media--everywhere! The goal is to create a steady stream of communication to build awareness, engagement, and referrals among the attorneys, accountants, and financial advisors in your community. 

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How to Use the Second Edition


1. Set a goal to engage advisors' hearts and minds.

To engage professional advisors and differentiate your foundation from commercial options, your content must transcend topics and tone that are purely technical and transactional in nature. You must show professional advisors that when their clients work with you, they get the benefit of both best-in-class tax planning vehicles and emotional connections to the causes and social impact activities they love. The Second Edition Content Capsules are designed to do just that.

2. Look smart and industry-savvy.

You'll notice that a few of the articles below include tips and recommendations for you to reference various free third-party articles and resources. We have offered ideas for links you can provide in the event advisors want more detailed information from well-vetted thought leaders and publications. By positioning your foundation as the hub of best practices in philanthropy, you will elevate advisors' perception of your foundation as a much deeper industry resource than they expected. 

3. Plan the timeline for your outreach initiative.

The Content Capsules below flow in a sequence to build momentum.

  • Article One is an Introduction to the Series to kick off the series
  • Articles Two, Three & Four focus on the topic of "Your Clients"
  • Articles Five, Six & Seven focus on the topic of "Your Responsibility"
  • Articles Eight, Nine & Ten focus on the topic of "Your Partner"

The articles are designed to build on each other. The nine articles are grouped into three major topics designed to lead your advisor audience on a journey to understanding your community foundation and increasing the advisors' enthusiasm for working with your team. 

You may choose to release one article per week. You could also conduct the campaign over a two-week period to create a burst of activity. Or, you could space the articles out over the course of a year and supplement the articles by publishing your own stories and examples in between articles. 

4. Use all of your platforms.

Develop a repeatable cadence for each publication across as many platforms as possible. For example, you might anchor each release by publishing the article on your blog or newsfeed on your website. Then, you can amplify the post through Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to drive traffic back to the article. At the same time, you can push the article out in an e-newsletter (or printed article) targeted at professional advisors.

5. Review your audience before you get started.

We highly recommend that your initiative include one-to-one outreach to individual advisors. This could be as simple as forwarding a link to an article in a personal email to a handful of key advisors. And now is the time to clean up your professional advisor mailing list of attorneys, accountants, and financial advisors in your region, especially if you plan to push the content via your e-newsletters. 



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Introduction to the Series

First Topic: "Your Clients"

Second Topic: "Your Responsibility"

Third Topic: "Your Partner"


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