DO YOU Know your type?

Your company has a Social Impact Culture Type, and it's influencing employee engagement.

Most employee engagement programs offer a variety of opportunities for employees to give to charities, volunteer for causes, donate food and clothing, celebrate at community fundraising events, and more.

How do you know whether your company's mix of activities is a good match for your overall workplace culture? You need to find out, because employee engagement programs are most effective when activities are aligned with a workplace's Social Impact Culture Type.

3 Social Impact Culture Types

  • In an Investor Culture, employees prefer to engage in social impact activities where they can act independently, on their own time schedules.

  • A Connector Culture thrives on opportunities for employees to get together with each other and “do good” at the same time.

  • In an Activator Culture, employees love to rally around a community priority that’s aligned with the mission of the business.

When you understand your company's Social Impact Culture Type, you will make better decisions about ways to get your employees more involved in your company’s community engagement and philanthropy programs.