• Cut and paste articles and photos are available through Embolden's Content Capsule offerings.
  • The material is designed to address common needs of community foundations for authentic messages.
  • Each pre-written article is easy to cut, paste, and enhance with your own brand messages. Use our photo, or pick one of your own.
  • Get started by sharing the article via your social channels.
  • Each of these Content Capsule packages gives you unlimited access to 10 articles, containing photographs and material written by an industry expert.
  • Purchase your unlimited license to use and modify the content for a one-time fee of $325 per Content Capsule edition.
  • Perfect for e-newsletters, social media, and more!
  • Deploy each article and photo--the way you want.
  • Created exclusively for community foundations.

1. Review content

Preview the articles before you buy! Each edition of this type of Content Capsule includes 10 articles, 10 photos, and a few tips for how to use the material. 

2. Buy content

If you like what you see, purchase your unlimited license to use the articles and photographs, in whatever way you want, forever! An unlimited license for each edition of these Content Capsules is available for a one-time fee of $325.

3. Use your content!

After you've completed your purchase, you are free to use the content. Cut and paste to your heart's content. Don't forget to check out the tips included with each article.


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