Where can you celebrate social impact? Everywhere.

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I started Embolden in 1998 because I could not resist the window of opportunity to help companies and organizations access the power of the Web to grow their enterprises. As our company grew, so did the expectations of our talented employees. We began to see that our employees cared about doing good--in work, life, and community. The lines began to blur. And that’s where we saw the greatest opportunity to build something good for everyone. 

Years later, when we checked out the results of a 5-year research study on the changing mindset in the workplace, it was easy to see that what we had been experiencing as Embolden grew was a phenomenon called “social impact culture.” Now a full-blown market reality, today’s work-life-community mindset in our social impact culture has changed everything about the way messages resonate with all of us in our many roles, including the role of employee.

If you are like most companies today, you’re looking for ways to engage your employees through philanthropy and community involvement. That’s a smart move! A 2015 Social Impact Benchmark study indicated that a strong culture of engagement can reduce staff turnover by 87% and improve performance by 20%. In addition, more than 86% of the emerging workforce wants to work for an organization that embraces social impact values.

Social impact has become a well-documented priority. Indeed, what used to be considered soft material for “feel good” conversations has become a concrete, data-driven strategy to achieve bottom line results for enterprises as they also embrace positive employee culture and civic responsibility. 


At Embolden, we’re so excited to see more and more companies striving to bring it all together to celebrate employees, the company, and the community. Rich data from Embolden’s Social Impact Survey results can help a company bring a workplace culture to life in a compelling visual. The numbers in the Social Impact Infographic look great anywhere and everywhere, across all communications channels:

  • Website pages pertaining to employee culture, corporate values, and employment opportunities
  • Employee events
  • Printed recruiting material
  • Press releases, especially those designed to reach potential recruits
  • Email newsletters (internal and external)
  • Social media
  • Signage for the office break room and other common areas
  • Social impact-focused talking points for use by the management team to improve retention, recruiting, and productivity
  • Our team at Embolden has been amazed by the generous spirit in so many companies whose leaders are connecting the dots between community engagement, employee culture, and corporate goals. We love being part of celebrating social impact. And we know the celebration has just begun.