Jumpstart Workshop

Are you an Investor, a Connector, or an Activator?

Why does it matter?

We all want to do good. And it’s human to want to feel good, too. Understanding your “doing good personality” gives you the tools you need to combine these two desires, maximizing the good you’re doing while enriching your own life as well.

How will the Jumpstart Workshop help you?

The Social Impact Personality Type Jumpstart Workshop will inspire

  • Employees (in any sized company) or

  • Nonprofit resource development professionals, board members, and/or donors

to understand how they prefer to engage in the causes they care about and how they can feel even better doing it.


  • If you’re a for-profit company, you can expect the workshop to inspire your team to connect the dots between social impact and success.

  • If you are a nonprofit, you can expect your fundraising team, board members, and/or donors to find even deeper meaning in supporting your organization.   

The Jumpstart Workshop is just the beginning! 

Participants in the workshop will get a taste of their own preferences for doing good and achieving success, all at the same time. You might not want to stop there! Your next step would be to launch the Social Impact Culture Roadmap process. Just like individuals, each workplace has a unique approach to doing good. Each workplace culture leans toward Investor, Connector, or Activator. Your Social Impact Culture Type is the aggregate of all employee personalities, determined through a Social Impact Survey and analyzed by our experts based on years of research and data. Understanding your Social Impact Culture Type is the key to connecting social impact activities to results, such as improved recruiting success, talent retention, and workplace productivity.