Talent Realignment

Team-by-Team Deep Dive Roadmap

You're ready to grow your company by 20%, 50%, or even 100% over the next 12 - 18 months. But can your people keep up? Scalability starts with the people, even before you determine the right processes and technology.

Embolden's Team-by-Team Deep Dive Roadmap is one of the fastest, most efficient, positive culture-building initiatives you can implement to get your team ready for growth. (Not growing so much? Our Team-by-Team Deep Dive Roadmap is equally effective to help you build a downsizing strategy that will keep your A players and customer base intact through the transition.)


1. Message development to communicate the deep dive process in a positive, non-disruptive way, focusing on the mindsets of the individuals in each team and the impact of employee behaviors on group dynamics, productivity, and performance. 

2. Interviews with each team leader, and a fun, uplifting survey conducted within each team that is designed to grab powerful information in the least threatening way possible.

3. An inventory and report to highlight human dynamics and strengths within each team.

4. A strategy session with you to build the new organizational chart, as well as a set of positive messages to communicate the new structure.

5. A step-by-step implementation plan to achieve the transition smoothly and effectively, while maintaining your employer brand and customer relationships.

As always, Embolden Roadmaps are enhanced through technology, and we leverage the workplace data from our five years of research into today's marketplace mindset and its influence on workplace productivity and performance.