Rapid Growth

Market Expansion Roadmap 

A Market Expansion Roadmap includes our four modules (all delivered in 30 days):

1. An enjoyable 10-minute survey of all employees, plus interviews with three employees selected by you. The survey is designed to capture qualities in your team that will resonate with the target markets you're counting on to achieve your goals for growth. 

2. An inventory and easy-to-skim report to highlight powerful, differentiating factors of your employee base versus your competitors in the specific markets targeted for expansion. 

3. Key messages, based on the survey data and inventory, built to resonate with the people in your expansion markets.

4. Step-by-step recommendations for a plan to leverage your unique market position through the key messages and data. This means you'll instantly be on your way to achieving your goals. 

Every Embolden Roadmap is enhanced through technology. We leverage the data from our five years of research, too. This delivers strong value to you, quickly, at a terrific price.