FOR Community FoundationS 

Growth Marketing in Today's Social Impact Culture


Content Capsules

PLUG-AND-PLAY messaging for today's social impact culture mindset

Embolden's cut and paste content for your website, social media posts, and e-newsletters is created exclusively for community foundations. Your purchase of each edition of our material gives you unlimited access to 10 Content Capsules, containing photographs and material written by an industry expert. You'll immediately be posting high quality, research-based content that is designed to resonate with the social impact culture mindset. 

Social Impact Platform

In a pinch to reboot your website? 

Chances are, your website is not designed to capture the hearts and minds of all generations of donors. Contact us today to find out how our social impact platform approach gives you a quick fix. In just one week, we'll hand you the keys to your new website. 

Roadmap for Growth

achieve your goals, faster and more efficiently

Embolden's Roadmap for Growth methodology empowers your team to deepen engagement with your audiences, including donors and prospects, professional advisors, civic leaders, nonprofits, media, businesses, and the next generation.

Embolden's Roadmap for Growth offerings help your team create an actionable work plan to achieve your goals for new donors, donor engagement, community leadership fundraising, and next generation loyalty. Embolden leverages its research, data, and technology to complete your Roadmap in as little as 30 days, start to finish, with fewer than 10 hours total required of your team. Contact us to learn more. 

Trending in 2017 is a Roadmap for Corporate Engagement designed to connect your foundation with the region's for-profit companies, especially in this era when the social impact culture mindset is defining contemporary philanthropy. Unfortunately, many community foundations have found it difficult to convert their connections to the business sector into a productive channel for their missions.