Messaging Enhancement Roadmap  

Are you falling short of your goals? Today's marketplace mindset has changed the way messaging resonates with your audiences. Old strategies are not working as well as they once did to engage your target audiences.  

Embolden's Messaging Enhancement Roadmap delivers a plan to quickly leverage the power of the contemporary mindset to drive brand enhancement and audience engagement, reducing the negative impact of market disruptions on your business. 

A Messaging Enhancement Roadmap includes Embolden's four modules (all delivered in 30 days):

1. A 10-minute (fun!) survey of all employees based on principles of positive psychology, and interviews with three employees selected by you. The survey and interviews uncover hidden gems in your brand and human capital assets that you're underutilizing. 

2. An inventory and report to highlight differentiating factors of your company versus your competitors.

3. A set of key messages, based on the survey data and inventory, which will engage your audiences at a personal, emotional level.

4. Five "small tweaks/big ROI" steps to serve as a simple plan for you to leverage your unique market position through the messages and data, helping you meet your goals and more easily overcome customer and prospect objections.

Embolden Roadmaps are enhanced through technology, and we leverage the data from our five years of research. The Messaging Enhancement Roadmap requires fewer than 10 hours of time, total, by you and your team. Embolden does the heavy lifting at a great price.