Three people. One social impact culture.

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Today’s work-life-community-wellness mindset has become a part of who we are in our personal and professional worlds. “Doing good” is now an integral part of our healthy, well-rounded lives.

Perspectives from three people in Embolden’s cast of fictional characters will give you a feel for how contemporary social impact culture is influencing millions of Americans, both at work and at home.

Elizabeth Bandera

  • Age 29
  • Financial advisor
  • Avid golfer, lover of sunsets, and vegan
  • Embolden Archetype: Investor/Accelerator

What Elizabeth says when she wears her professional hat

“To fulfill obligations to my clients, I need to be aware of the wide range of tax-savvy charitable giving vehicles. This is becoming even more important as philanthropy increases as a powerful connector across generations. I need that connection to retain my client base for the long term.”

What Elizabeth says when she wears her personal hat

“I want to be sure the dollars I am giving to charities are making a real difference. I want to see impact. Over the years, I have started to focus my giving on two or three causes instead of spreading the dollars across a dozen or so organizations. That’s helped me have more time to ask good questions of the charities I support.”

Steve Cowless

  • Age 47
  • CEO of a growing software company
  • Woodworking enthusiast and world traveler
  • Embolden Archetype: Activator/Interactor

What Steve says when he wears his professional hat

“It’s a priority as CEO for me to make sure company leadership is fostering a positive workplace culture where people love their jobs, and this includes offering community engagement opportunities and empowering our associates. At the same time, I am ultimately responsible for ensuring that the company is doing a good job as a corporate citizen. And frankly, I need as many associates as possible to get involved in our corporate philanthropy programs.”

What Steve says when he wears his personal hat

“I enjoy community-based social activities that involve the opportunity to get together with friends and family members. I am an especially big fan of 5Ks and concerts to support good causes. To me, it’s not about the money I give at these events, if any. Instead, it’s about the overall experience and demonstration of collective support for an organization that’s helping people in need.”

Alice Fiorella

  • Age 33
  • Executive director of family foundation
  • Fashion blogger, gardener, and swimmer
  • Embolden Archetype: Investor/Accelerator

What Alice says when she wears her professional hat

“I am constantly seeking evidence of ‘impact’ for the grants we make. It’s my responsibility to make sure we get the right reports from the nonprofits we support. I always try to think about what my grandparents would say about the data and documentation I’m gathering. It’s thanks to their business savvy and civic commitment, after all, that the foundation and its assets are here today to serve the community.”

What Alice says when she wears her personal hat

"I am doing a lot of good already by volunteering and serving on boards. Plus I try to purchase products from consumer brands, restaurants, and vendors that support a cause. So, I am immersed in ‘’doing good' every day of my life. I am not alone! Everyone I talk to these days feels the same way. This personal experience makes me realize that our family foundation needs to shine, and the quarterly foundation meetings I organize are where it all must come together for my siblings and cousins."

* * *

Understanding the perspectives of Elizabeth, Steve, and Alice are just three of many examples of how Embolden’s methodology and archetypes can help you get inside the minds of clients, consumers, donors, employees, and business leaders—or any combination thereof as roles collide in the changing marketplace. Armed with that information, Embolden can help you activate those perspectives to capture new data and create loyal engagement. Our team would love to support your success.