Is "do good, feel better" the solution for increasing charitable giving?

Great news to see that Americans' giving to charities topped $400 billion in 2017, according to a report published earlier this month by the Giving USA Foundation.

Still, there's opportunity to do more good, considering that giving as a percentage of GDP still hovers at 2%--which is where it's been for more than four decades. Creating a positive, "do good, feel better" experience could be the solution for breaking through that 2% ceiling.

A "do good, feel better" approach in today's social impact culture means it's important to celebrate the wide range of "pro-social" activities that extend beyond giving money to charities. An expanded set of activities includes volunteering, purchasing products that support a cause, sharing with friends and family, serving on boards, and more.

Indeed, a major breakthrough in our research was the discovery a few years ago that the contemporary philanthropic mindset was much more inclusive than the industry realized! Our book, Do Good, Feel Better, describes the research study and results in detail. The book includes the checklist below--a throwback to our 2012 pilot study to test the effectiveness and impact of celebrating the good you are already doing. We still love this checklist!

10 Ways Checklist.jpg