Our social impact TOOLS

Why We Care

At Embolden, we've not forgotten our roots. That's why we offer tools designed especially for the social sector.

We are concerned that the entry of the socially conscious millennial generation into the workforce has failed to make a difference in the social sector, where the number of charities has more than doubled from 654,186 in 1996 to more than 1.6 million today. At the end of 1999, dollars flowing from philanthropy to these organizations stood at 2.1% of GDP. And that's exactly where it sits now, at 2.1%. Supply and demand are out of balance. Philanthropy will grow if people feel better about their experiences with doing good. If we can find ways for people to like it more, at home and in the workplace, all boats will rise in our social impact culture.

Five years of research, thousands of surveys and interviews, and writing two books have convinced us that improving the donor's experience with philanthropy is the solution to breaking through 2% of GDP. Our tools for nonprofits, community foundations, and companies pursuing community engagement programs are designed to help you--and us--achieve this goal.