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Cut & Paste

Created especially for community foundations, your subscription to each edition of our material gives you unlimited access to 10 Cut & Paste Content Capsules, containing photographs and material written by an industry expert, designed to address common needs of community foundations to communicate messages that resonate in today's social impact culture.

Examples include:

  • Messages to communicate to a donor when a donor wants to start a new charity

  • How to leverage the holiday giving season to improve your donor relationships

  • Counseling your donors to explain philanthropy versus poverty to the next generation

  • Understanding the executive's perspective on philanthropy to accelerate corporate donor-advised fund adoption

  • Your opportunity: Social media, donor-advised funds, and the next generation

  • Why your donor-advised fund program is a valuable brand asset to drive your community foundation’s overall growth

  • How to fulfill your duty to advise a donor about supporting a brand new charity

  • “501(c) what?”: Succinctly communicating the tax rules to your donors

  • Helping donor families take the fear factor out of "philanthropy"

  • Managing the social donor: Explaining galas, tournaments, and ticket deductibility

  • How to win over the "Investor" Social Impact Personality Type to prevent asset loss to commercial donor-advised fund providers

  • Explaining why it’s so easy for a donor to check out favorite charities through your foundation and its donor-advised fund program

  • Answering donor questions prompted by the rise of “impact investing” as a buzzword

  • Talking with donors who are loyal to their financial advisors in today's competitive marketplace

  • Explaining a donor-advised fund to a donor in five minutes or less

  • Understanding your donors' motivations for “doing well by doing good” in today’s social impact culture

  • Communication tips for working with donors who serve on nonprofit boards of directors

  • Examples of how to talk with a donor about volunteering in the community to help drive loyalty to your community foundations

  • Language for coaching your donors on building a budget for charitable giving through donor-advised funds, unrestricted funds, charitable remainder trusts, and other vehicles

  • Communicating philanthropic values to create intergenerational donor loyalty

  • Talking points to use with donors who are considering transferring illiquid assets to a donor-advised fund

  • Leveraging cause marketing and its growing influence over your donors' financial decisions as a communications platform

  • How to build a donor-advised fund email campaign to engage donors of all ages

  • Key messages to help connect the dots between “adopt-a-family" activities and philanthropy as tools to boost intergenerational connections

  • How to offer easy pointers to assist your donors in researching charities for grants from their donor-advised funds

  • Using Social Impact Personality Type to increase donor loyalty to your community foundation

  • Effective social impact messaging strategies to engage female donors

  • Messages to leverage donor-advised funds to manage donor retention pitfalls of the millennial mindset

  • . . . and more!