Feeling left out online?

High-growth commercial donor-advised fund programs post at least two articles per month on LinkedIn. Your professional advisors, donors, and colleagues are seeing it! 

If your community foundation isn't regularly sharing compelling content in your e-newsletters, writing articles on LinkedIn, and amplifying your message across social media channels, you may be falling behind.  

In today's social impact culture and competitive philanthropic marketplace, executing major leaps forward to engage your audiences can be time-consuming and expensive, especially when you know you constantly need to generate fresh ideas. At the same time, you know you must engage the hearts and the minds of donors across generations, especially on social media channels which are quickly replacing your website as the first line of contact.

Cut & Paste content, Built JUST for you

We get it! 

Our Content Capsules are created exclusively for community foundations. Rich with photographs and material available only through the re-launched Embolden, each edition of our Content Capsules is designed to address common needs of community foundations to spread messages that resonate in today's social impact culture.

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Your purchase of each edition of our material gives you unlimited access to 10 Content Capsules. Each pre-written article is easy to cut, paste, and enhance with your own brand messages. We even offer ideas for how to use each article to maximize your reach. Use our photo, or pick one of your own. Easily share the article via your social channels. Pop the content onto your website. Instantly amp up the relevance and credibility of your e-newsletters.

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