Social Impact Survey


Social Impact Survey


Complete your purchase, and our team will be in touch within 24 hours to launch your survey.

Invite your employees to take the confidential, 10-minute Social Impact Survey.

Our analytics team will get to work to uncover and then deliver your company's Social Impact Culture Type--Activator, Investor, or Connector.

You'll also receive the survey results, giving you hundreds of rich data points.

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    Here's how it works.

    • Launching the Social Impact Survey is easy through a single email to your employees containing the survey link. Our team will provide you with a sample email to use word-for-word, or make your own.
    • Your employees will love taking the 10-minute survey. It makes them feel good to know they are working for a company where leaders care about them as human beings.
    • Keep the survey open for 10 days. Three days following the survey's close, our team will give you the all the raw data. You'll see the evidence of how dramatically the lines between work, life, and community have blurred for your employees.
    • Celebrate the data across all of your communications channels to highlight the ways your employees are making a positive impact in the lives of others. (Be sure to check out Embolden's Social Impact Infographic for a turnkey solution for multi-channel celebration!) 

    Here's the data you'll get.

    Get the numbers you need by launching Embolden’s Social Impact Survey with your employees. Our research-based online tool captures key metrics about your employees’ social impact behaviors, including:

    • Giving to charities and examples of favorite organizations
    • Volunteering for causes and number of hours volunteered each year
    • Recycling, respecting the environment, and estimated percentage of materials recycled annually
    • Serving on boards and committees, and estimates of time spent in meetings
    • Celebrating at community events, including the galas and fundraisers your employees enjoy the most
    • Purchasing products that support a favorite cause and examples of your employees' favorite cause-focused brands
    • Marketing favorite causes and examples of the passions your employees want to share with their colleagues
    • Donating gently-used clothing, canned goods, and other necessities, and estimates of numbers of items donated each year
    • Caring for personal health and wellness, and examples of the activities employees believe are important to their own well-being
    • Sharing with others, including supporting colleagues, friends, and neighbors in need